Leo Medin defines himself as a digital visual artist. He has extensive experience in event, portrait, model and beauty photography both in studio and on location, as well as product photography, real estate photography, and even yacht photography. Leo has solid background in computer science, which he tends to extensivly apply in his work. Besides "plain" photography he makes virtual tours and hyperlapses. In recent years he is doing a lot of video works, using advanced cinematographic techniques for working with light and sound, aerial shooting is also part of his job. All this variety of functions can not be attributed to one only type of art, that's why he calls himself digital visual artist. Since 2010 Leo Medin stays in Cyprus. Gorgeous sunny climate and new environment has significantly boosted his creativity. He loves to travel as he gets many new ideas at this time. He started his channel on YouTube, where he shares his experience in professional photography. Having teaching experience, conducts classes on contemporary visual digital arts. With a team of like-minded people and connections, Leo can realize any of your photo, video and film projects in Cyprus and beyond.